President’s Message

Dear industry colleagues,

I am thrilled to serve as NECA’s 2017 President, helping NECA celebrate its 40th anniversary. What began in New York City as a small group and a single scholarship in 1977 has grown to an organization of several hundred members throughout the US and Canada that supports seven university scholarships and endowments and supports a high school mentoring program.

The growth of NECA and its ongoing strength is due to its membership and successful fund-raising networking events. If you have any feedback for the NECA Board, you can contact me at

It was wonderful to see everyone who attended our Philadelphia event in March. Please mark your calendars for the rest of NECA’s 2017 events. We will be gathering in Seaview, NJ, on Thursday May 25th; in Montreal on Thursday, September 14th; and on Friday, December 8th in New York City. The Montreal event will be extra-celebratory this year as the city celebrates its 350th anniversary.

If you are not yet a NECA member, please consider joining. Membership is $100 per year and gives you access to the NECA member database, which includes contact information for all members and enhances the networking benefits that are forged at NECA events. If you are a member, please check your profile when you log in to see if your 2017 dues are paid.

I hope to see you in Seaview on May 25th.

Best regards,

Sophie Racle

NOVA Chemicals
2017 NECA President

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