About Us

iStock_000013746771XSmallRecognizing the need for a formal social networking system specific to the petrochemical industry as it operates in the Northeastern US and Canada, the Northeastern Chemical Association was founded in 1977 in New York City.

NECA was also formed in recognition of the need for industry support for the education of future generations working in the petrochemical industry.

Today, NECA has 215 members, representing 164 companies and 23  states and provinces.

NECA is a non-profit charitable organization. Its Board member positions and Committees are all volunteer. After paying event-related fees, all event registration and event sponsorship monies go directly to funding scholarship endowment funds. All monies from event corporate donations and member dues go directly to funding scholarship endowment funds. To obtain a copy of NECA’s 501(c) certificate or most recent W-9 document, contact NECA’s Treasurer Judy Berckman at JBerckm@citgo.com.

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